Solution for smart agriculture

We supply an overall solution for agriculture manufacture based on precise weather condition including monitoring past weather parameters and weather forecast to support dealing with natural disaster warn pestilent insect and optimize farming calendar. This application is for enterprises, co-operatives, big producing household or manufacturing chain.


- Monitor input quality of manufacturing condition such as soil, water to irrigate, preliminary treatment water
- Precisely monitor past agricultural meteorology, forecast weather to optimize farming calendar, examine the development condition of plants.
- Warn abnormal weather, harmful pestilent insect, provide solutions for each case.
- Manage cultivation, monitor and record all cultivation activities, monitor the confirmation of cultivation procedure
- Manage agricultural material, input, output, consumables, dosage
- Interactive news channel is kept flowing, immediately update through SMS, email about cultivation status, warning information
- Manage harvesting and crop productivity, print trademark, provide QR code of origin.
- Supply and install weather monitoring system with eight basic parameters: temperature, humidity, radiation, leaf wetness, wind direction, wind speed, soil humidity.
- Supply information of subarea weather at the location of station, weather forecast for 24 hours and six days
- Supply pestilent insect model: Based on information of temperature, humidity, leaf wetness, radiation, precipitation to build models of pestilent insect for over 80 types of crop plants such as vegetables, tomato, potato, cucumber, lemon, pomelo, rice, etc.
- Supply Network Administrator System and Mobile application to manage producing and farming calendar, electronic cultivated diary, access clearly the origin of agricultural product.

  • The station at Van Lam, Hung Yen
  • Station at Phu Ly, Ha Nam
  • Weather station group at Đak Lak
  • Station at Tuyen Hoa & Bo Trach, Quang Binh
  • A station at Thach Ha, Ha Tinh
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