A solution in the prevention and risk reduction of natural disaster

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Monitoring heavy rain, early flood warning.
Build monitoring network with weather stations, precipitation stations in the chosen area to monitor real-time precipitation. Precipitation data is also used to give the forecast and adjust rounding error in the model. As a result, it provides weather forecast for subarea with high precision within six days and with hour resolution. From the data of real-time & forecast precipitation, Agrimedia builds hydrology models to describe exactly the basin which is studied, calculate flow rate and forecast flow. Based on calculated & forecasted flow data, Agrimedia makes flood map for downstream areas. Warning channel for emergency cases include: 
- SMS message via mobile phone, is sent to a list or a broadcast region
- Website: update real-time flow diagram, flood map
- Email: send reporting or warning email
- Call center 9195 to support in any case.
Warning for flash flood and landslide:
Spot with High potential of flashflood and landslide is set up a sensor network including Geophone sensors, string electrometer sensors, wire sensors, infrared camera monitoring flow. Areas under the influence in foot of a mountain or river side are equipped with warning lamp and alarm to immediately warn. Warning information is also sent via SMS, email, Website, mobile application. Whenever there are flashflood or landslide, sensors notice a small change in this environment condition and send signal which is processed by strong algorithm to center, at once emergency order is sent to warning lamp and alarm area.
Flashflood and landslide are closely related to precipitation. So that the combination of rainfall prediction system and flashflood & landslide warning system will be the overall solution of predicted and instant warning.
- Call center 24/7 not only support the information of weather and agriculture but also provides information of price, market, in-dept technical advice from leading experts of hydrology and agriculture in Vietnam.

  • The station at Van Lam, Hung Yen
  • Station at Phu Ly, Ha Nam
  • Weather station group at Đak Lak
  • Station at Tuyen Hoa & Bo Trach, Quang Binh
  • A station at Thach Ha, Ha Tinh
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